Murals; Wall Murals; Extreme Resolution Wall Murals, Fine Art founder, Robert P. Fine, has been an experienced photographer since college.  After a 23 year career on Wall Street, including positions at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, he recently left to start

"I love resolution.  That's why I made an investment in the Hasselblad H3D.  However, it became clear as soon as I started shooting that there was a problem.   How could the Hasselblad images (hundreds of millions of pixels in size) be displayed on screens (no more than 2 million pixels in size) in a way that the viewer could fully appreciate the breadth and detail embodied in the image?

I realized that the development of rich interactive applications (RIA) and Deep Zoom technology was basically addressing the same issue - making the viewer's web experience more meaningful.  I realized that the kind of photography I was doing with the Hasselblad was perfectly suited for display within RIAs such as Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash (Zoomify) and other platforms.

Using such platforms, the viewer is able to experience not only the the extreme resolution photograph's overall composition but to discover a secondary world of detail, otherwise unseen on web displays, as the viewer zooms deep into the image."

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 First Responders of Larchmont and Mamaroneck:  A Tribute