Murals; Wall Murals; Extreme Resolution Wall Murals, Fine Art provides extreme resolution web content  photography and other rich media solutions to end user clients and web developers for use in rich interactive applications on platforms such as Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, Microsoft HD View, and Zoomify.  Use of rich interactive applications and rich interactive media have become increasing ubiquitous across the web as they have been shown to encourage brand loyalty, end user satisfaction, and repeat business. 

Shooting using high resolution Hasselblad technology, specializes in providing gigapixel images of a wide array of subject matter that can easily be embedded into existing and new web sites or incorporated into rich interactive applications.  On screen, large amounts of visual information can be easily and quickly navigated,  The images can be panned and zoomed to immediately reveal either a wide panorama or the minutest detail clearly and sharply.  Applicable subject matter ranges from natural or urban landscapes, to consumer products, real estate, architecture, interiors and art.

The development of deep zoom (pan and zoom) technology (Google Earth, Zoomify, HDView, Seadragon etc.) coincides with the related development of increasing of increasing resolution of digital photography.  and adresses a critical issue regarding online display of high resolution images - how do display images hundreds of millions of pixels in size on a screen that typically displays no more than a million pixels.  Short of solving this problem, a digial image shot with a $30,000 50 megapixel Hasselblad offers the viewer no more value than a Canon 50-D or a Nikon D-40.

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Portraits of Chappaqua, NY