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The Deep Zoom Manhattan Project has the objective of creating an extreme resolution photographic record of the complete Manhattan skyline.  The results of Phase 1 of the project are shown below.   

Displayed are 10 panoramas which show the complete West Side from the Henry Hudson Bridge in the North to Battery Park City and New York Harbor in the south.  Each panorama consists of 12 to 15 stiched images shot with a Hasselblad H3D-31 from strategic locations on the New Jersey side of the Hudson.  The images were shot using a panoramic head on a tripod to allow the camera to rotate on the nodal point of the lens.  A 150 mm lens was used set at F8 and 1/500/second.  

Each image is approximately 5,000 pixels in height and 55,000 in width.  At 240 ppi, the native size of a print from an image file of this size is nearly 1.5 x 19 feet in size. 

Taken individually and together, the images convey the grandeur, size and complexity of the City.  Using deep zoom (pan and zoom) technology, the viewer online is able to interact directly with the landscape and experience both the overall composition of the skyline as well as minute details of city life.

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Henry Hudson Parkway North of George Washington Bridge


George Washington Bridge Looking South East


Henry Hudson Parkway South of George Washington Bridge


Riverside Drive


Trump Place


Midtown at 56th Street


Midtown at 34th Street


Midtown South of 34th Street


Lower Manhattan and Battery Park City Looking East




New York Harbor & Jersey City